August 10, 2010

Daybook ~ August 9, 2010

For Today . . . Evening of August 9th, 2010

Outside my window . . . dragonflies abound!

I am wearing . . . all pink.

I am hearing . . . the small air conditioning unit in my bedroom.

From the kitchen . . . pork tenderloin and salad

I am creating . . . not enough

I am looking forward to . . . starting my photography class in a couple of weeks.

I am thankful . . . for my husband, one of God’s greatest gifts in my life. I often wonder where I would be without him. I know God would help me, but I also know he helps me through my husband. He is stronger than I, and wiser than I.

I am praying . . . for a willing spirit.

I am thinking . . . about the next step regarding my parents.

I am remembering . . . when I depended so much on my dad for everything. Not just for financial and material need, but for wisdom. My father has always been the wisest man I have known. I could always count on him to give good advice and know what to do in any given situation. Now, I see that he needs me and is dependent on me in a way that he doesn’t even fully understand and will understand less and less as time goes on.

I am noticing that . . . the solutions never seem to come as quickly as I would like.

I am reading . . . Finding God by Larry Crabb (still). I set it down for a couple of weeks because I’ve been so busy. Gotta finish it up.

I am pondering these words . . . “Comfort does not come to the lighthearted and merry. We must go down into depths if we would experience the most precious of God’s gifts—comfort, and thus be prepared to be co-workers with him. When night—needful night—gathers over the garden of our souls, when the leaves close up, and the flowers no longer hold any sunlight within their folded petals, there shall never be wanting, even in the thickest darkness, drops of heavenly dew—dew which falls only when the sun has gone.” ~ Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (Streams in the Desert)

A moment from my week . . . taking pictures of sweet niece #6 eating watermelon and playing in the sprinkler

Something you may not know about me . . . Flying insects that land on me or get near my hair, make me scream! I guess I have this fear that they will get caught in my hair and I’ll never get them out, or worse yet they will get in my clothing and I’ll start doing the jitterbug . . . literally!

One of my favorite things . . . visiting out of the way places

For my picture journal . . . niece #6 eating watermelon


  1. I love reading your daybook entries, Stephani. Your little niece is adorable! :-)
    I enjoy reading about your nieces and seeing their pictures so much. My nieces and nephews are so special to me. I didn't get married until I was 34, so I was especially close to them and did so many things with them. I was their "special" Aunt Jewel and I pray that I still am. :-)
    I'm sure you are just that to your nieces! :-) ((HUGS))

  2. I would love to take a photography class. Instead I ask my 15-yr-old questions all the time. ha. She’s a much better photographer than me. I hope you learn a lot and have fun in the process.

    Praying for your decisions with your parents. I miss being able to ask my dad’s advice on so many things. I wasn’t even sure who to vote for in our state’s elections without being able to ask my dad. I guess it’s time for me to really grow up. Sigh.

    I love your quote on comfort. I will ponder it as well.

    The picture of your niece is SO precious. I think you need to be teaching a photography class instead of taking one.


  3. Your words, even just about your Daybook, touch me! I love your quote from Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. "Needful night..." Hmmm...
    It's good to visit you again. I've been stepping back on many fronts lately...but there are these certain few I enjoy coming back to. Your words, and pictures, inspire me. I wish I could take that photography class with you!
    Blessings on you,

  4. I also would love to take a photography class. Your niece looks so cute.

  5. What a cutie pie your niece is!

  6. Stephani, I appreciate the glimpse of life through your daybook. You have rich entries over time. Grace to you, your husband, your parents, and the rest of your family.

  7. Love that picture


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