July 14, 2010

Hide and Seek

I chased a Blue Heron from the dock to the boat house.  These photos won't win any prizes, but it sure was fun trying to capture this guy.

That big old bird scurried around the boat house with me in pursuit and then not knowing where I was, he quietly started tip-toeing.

He stopped for just a moment as if to say, "I give up!"  then stood in the frame of the opening, and posed.


  1. Amazing! Love how he framed himself so nicely in that opening. What a great photo op!

  2. Beautifully framed, Stephani.

  3. Terrific shots - in flight and in pose!

  4. Well worth the trouble. I really like these shots, and the comments LOL, I don't know if you read Karen's Tech Talk Tuesday, but this sure fits the bill. Way to go.

  5. Oh Mr. Heron. Your photos of him are beautiful, but I don't like them for a good reason. Last year while I was at church, a heron stabbed most of our beautiful koi in our pond. The fish were so big
    (12+ inches) that he couldn't swallow them. They just slowly died on the grass near our pond. It was heartbreaking because some were over 10 years old. They are such a beautiful bird and your photos amaze me because they are wary birds too. Ironically, when we went to Florida this spring, I took many photos of them. The joke was since I can't shoot them (which I would never do) with a gun, I might as well shoot them with my camera. :-)


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