April 12, 2010

A Gift to My Ear

Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord has slowed me down again this week to notice so many different sounds. We’ve been blessed with such pleasant weather that we can have our windows up and enjoy the breeze and and all of the happenings outside. Walking to and fro as I go to work and run errands I have noticed many different sounds as well. I’m grateful I can enjoy these and many others.

126. birds singing

127. dogs barking

128. the ceiling fan running on high

129. my mother’s voice

130. my husband’s car pulling up in the driveway

131. children playing outside

132. taps playing at 10:00 at the base

133. hearing, “I love you, honey.”

134. appreciation voiced by students

135. the ding of the timer, signaling that my hot tea is ready

136. listening to sax practice as I waited outside the music room

137. an impromptu guitar jam session

138. thunder as it rolls

139. a lawnmower cutting grass in the evening

140. the sound of my husband’s hammer at work in his hand

141. the sizzle of sausage cooking for breakfast

142. my husband saying, “I fixed it!”

143. the creaking of my old bedroom door

144. windows being raised

145. the honk of geese

A blessing captured. . . . . the pond at Haefer Park


  1. A great list, Stephani. We went to an outdoor wedding Saturday afternoon, and one prominent sound was a train whistle. At first everyone tried to pretend they didn't hear it, but after awhile, it got incorporated into the wedding sermon. :-) Everyone could then laugh about it. The couple will always remember that sound as part of their wedding and hopefully smile about it.

    Have a great week,

  2. Stephanie, thank you for reminding me to enjoy everything around me...including the sounds.

  3. Your blog is lovely and inviting! What a magnificent picture, too. I'm praising God with you for His goodness and mercy.

  4. your list seemed so peaceful to me. I too enjoy hearing the sound of my husband's car in the drive, but I never thought about it. Thanks for sharing your list!

  5. Great, peaceful list, Stephani! I enjoyed reading the sounds you heard...one of my favorite sounds is my husband's car pulling up in the driveway, also!

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. What a beautiful blog! I love your list...thank you for reminding me of some things I need to reflect on more often!


  7. I loved that you took the time to list the sounds you are grateful for...what a precious idea. It causes me to be intentional about the sounds around me. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Stephani,
    Yes, I had to choose between the three column or big pictures....I really wanted both! Your blog is so lovely that the three column is calling my name again....but since I'm a pathological picture taker, I'll be resolved and stick with huge photos. :) Have a wonderful week.

  9. Stephani,
    Your list is evidence of the benefits of slowing down. I slowed down just simply by reading your words. In joy...


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