April 2, 2010

The Hunt

I don’t remember my first Easter or my second. I was obviously too young. But from the looks of this picture, taken when I was just a few months shy of two, the early Easters were very similar to the later ones that I do remember. I was born in New Guinea, and this shot was taken there while we were on the mission field. My father, who is now a retired physician, went to New Guinea as a medical missionary on a commission from our church, The Church of the Nazarene. My mother thought she had a case of sea sickness while on the ship that took them there. She arrived to find out that it wasn’t sea sickness, but rather, morning sickness! So, I’m their jungle baby! My dad always tells people that they found me in the jungles of New Guinea.

When I was growing up, my mother always had my siblings and me dressed to the nines, especially on Sundays. We often joke that in pictures from New Guinea we’re wearing frilly dresses and patent leather shoes all the time. It didn’t matter that we were in the middle of the most primitive place on the face of the earth and surrounded by tribal natives. As you can see in this picture, I’ve even got on my lacey anklets.

Easter has always included an egg hunt at our house. You can see that my second Easter was no exception. By the looks of my basket though, it doesn’t look like I was having too much success! Outdoor egg hunts however were actually unusual for us. When we came back to the states, our egg hunts were always indoors. To this day, I am partial to indoor egg hunts. There are just so many more places to hide eggs inside a house, and it was much more fun for me to hunt the house high and low. We also never hunted for plastic eggs. We would dye the boiled eggs the night before and those were the eggs that we hunted for the next day. Mom would always make us a nice big basket full of our favorite goodies that we would dump out in order to fill the basket with the eggs from the hunt. I’ll be 44 years old in a couple of months and to this day I still love to get an Easter basket, and I always make one for my husband.

I’ve always had a hard time correlating the egg hunt with what the true meaning of Easter is, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I heard an interview with Amy Grant this week and she said something that made a lot of sense to me. She said (and I paraphrase) that the hunt represents the anticipation. We are looking with great anticipation as we hunt for the eggs and we do the same when we look with great anticipation to the cross, the empty tomb, and his return.

I won’t be hunting for Easter eggs this weekend, but I will be looking to my Lord with great anticipation. I anticipate what he has to teach me; I anticipate his loving kindnesses towards me; I anticipate his blessings; I anticipate his discipline; and I anticipate his return.

Blessings to you as you not only anticipate, but experience the joy that is represented by this most blessed of celebrations!


  1. Love the picture; so prissy! Have a Blessed, Holy Easter!

  2. So, Stephani, another thing in common...M.K.'s!
    I love your story. My birthday can fall around Easter, so I remember Easter associated with my birthday. That is the really good memories of Easter. I have another memory of Easter two days before my 13th bday. We were serving as missionaries in Argentina when we received word that my oldest brother was killed in a construction accident. We flew home almost immediately. His funeral was Monday after Easter and the next day, was my 13 bday.
    But mostly, Easter is a time for a new beginning. A time to reflect on how our Lord loves us and made a way for us to be with Him for eternity. A time to lament the brokenness of our world and to rejoice that there is hope. There is always hope.
    Happy Easter to you and your hubby.

  3. Don't you love reminiscing? Such a cute picture. Easter Blessings to you as we celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior.

  4. What a fun story. I did wonder about where you were, dressed up like middle America instead of a New Guinea jungle ;-)

  5. We also hunted real eggs inside our house when I was growing up! What fun memories! That is so interesting that you were born in New Guinea. How long did you live there?

    Happy Easter (a few days late)! He is risen!


    P.S. I love your new blog design!


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