January 23, 2010

God's Paintbrush

Me as I'm standing at my kitchen window:
"Thank you Father for the spectacular sunset I see just beyond the trees. You seem to provide special gifts right when I need them. I think each and every evening you go to your canvas sky to paint your sunset. I can see your paintbrush making large swirls as yellows and pinks drip from the bristles. I can see you stand back with your hands on your hips saying, 'This one is for you.' Help me Lord to trust as I pray for the people in my life that desperately need you. You painted this sky for me. I know you're there. I know you hear. I know you see."

Father God:
"I see your tears, and I know they are tears of awe and reverence. I am all around you. I hear your ceaseless prayers. Enjoy my work and know that I am always creating - creating beauty and creating answers. The answers will come, and they will be perfect, just like this sunset. I love you."

I could only stand with tears rolling down my cheeks, standing in wonder at the gift that Jesus Christ gave me when He made it possible for me to come into the presence of a Holy God, speaking with Him and dining with Him. Thank you Jesus for making all of this possible, for showing me who the Father is, and for being my constant companion.

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