November 16, 2009

Daybook - November 16, 2009

FOR TODAY. . . November 16, 2009

Outside my window. . . My husband and brother-in-law are breaking up the concrete sidewalks and porch, preparing for the new ones.

I am thinking . . . I am really proud of my 16 year old niece who made the first team all state volleyball team in Texas.

I am thankful for. . . a brother-in-law who is willing to help us out even when it means using a jack hammer and hauling off truck loads of concrete blocks.

From the kitchen . . . chocolate chunk cookies for my co-worker’s birthday.

I am wearing . . . Always and Forever perfume by Jessica McClintock.

I am creating . . . still working on the scrapbook page for my friend.

I am going . . . . to Bible study Monday night.

I am reading . . . my new Southern Living Cookbook just as I was last week. I read cookbooks cover to cover and mark all the recipes I want to try. I will die before I get them all made!

Words I am pondering . . . “The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” – George Washington

I am hoping . . . my niece will begin to feel better soon. She has been terribly ill with her POTS. You can read about her illness if you go to the Dysautonomia Network.

I am hearing . . . the jack hammer as it breaks up the concrete.

On my mind . . . the state of our country; more specifically, the intrusion of our government into the private affairs of individuals. I’m wondering what the future holds yet knowing who holds the future.

Noticing that . . . Many Americans are watching their liberties disappear and I wonder how much they will have to lose before they say “no more!"

Around the house . . . It is peaceful except for the sound of the jack hammer which is on the other side of the door about 10 feet from where I am sitting. I guess it is odd that I would think it is peaceful here with all that racket going on, but it doesn't seem to bother me. The house is clean, and the candles are lit, and I have peace inside so I guess that’s it. There is a basket of laundry sitting next to me on the couch waiting to be folded. I dare not look at it too long lest my peace be disturbed! : )

One of my favorite things . . . baking for other people. I really enjoyed baking these chocolate chunk cookies. My husband reminded me that he didn't get enough of the blueberry bread I made a couple of weeks ago, and I could only save him a couple cookies from this batch. So, I'll be baking another batch just for him!

For my picture journal . . . chocolate chunk cookies.


  1. Visiting from The Simple Woman.

    Those cookies have me drooling all over my keyboard! How embarrassing. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stephani. Yes, I am doing BSF and I LOVE it. This is my third year.

  3. Oh, those cookies look deelish! I'd pick the middle pic if I only had to pick one, but there s no way I could only eat one cookie! lol

  4. Thanks for stopping by DART. You're the photographer so I'll take you word for it on the picture! I'm still hoping to learn how to take better ones


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